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Our practice takes on a client centered approach and makes sure you are matched with a clinician that is best suited to assist with your individual needs.

Applied Behavior Analysis

Behavior analysis helps us to understand:
  • How behavior works
  • How behavior is affected by the environment
  • How learning takes place

ABA therapy applies our understanding of how behavior works to real situations. The goal is to increase behaviors that are helpful and decrease behaviors that are harmful or affect learning.

ABA therapy programs can help:
  • Increase language and communication skills
  • Improve attention, focus, social skills, memory, and academics
  • Decrease problem behaviors

The methods of behavior analysis have been used and studied for decades. They have helped many kinds of learners gain different skills – from healthier lifestyles to learning a new language. Therapists have used ABA to help children with autism and related developmental disorders since the 1960s.

How does ABA therapy work?

Applied Behavior Analysis involves many techniques for understanding and changing behavior. ABA is a flexible treatment:  

  • Can be adapted to meet the needs of each unique person
  • Provided in many different locations – at home, at school, and in the community
  • Teaches skills that are useful in everyday life
  • Can involve one-to-one teaching or group instruction

Individual & Group Psychotherapy

Vita-Cog offers individual psychotherapy for those struggling with anxiety, depression, and all mental health diagnoses. We also offer individual and group psychotherapy for those who are struggling with chronic medical conditions i.e. cancer, ALS, MS, Neurological conditions etc.

We offer evening  appointments.

Family & Couples Therapy

Many problems including mental health illnesses as well as coping with medical diagnoses stem from a lack of communication and difficulties within family systems. Family Therapy is a great way for everyone to feel seen heard and respected.

Psychological Testing

Psychological assessments assesscognitive, academic, occupational, social and emotional functioning forconcerns related to:

  • Attention Deficit Hyper Activity Disorder (ADHD)
  • Gifted and/or IQ testing (Miami- Dade County approved)
  • Immigration Evaluations
  • Neuropsychological testing (e.g. Dementias and Traumatic Brain     Injuries) -
  • Pre-Surgical & Bariatric Psychological Evaluations
  • Psychoeducational Testing (Learning Disorders)
  • Psychological and Personality testing

Neuropsychological Testing

Neuropsychological testing toscreen/diagnose the following disorders. Neuropsychological testing will alsoaid in treatment planning in the event of a diagnosis.

  • Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)
  • Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)
  • Concussions
  • Mild Cognitive Impairment
  • Neurodegenerative Disorders i.e. Alzheimers Dementia.
  • Traumatic Brain Injury


·       PoliticalAsylum

o  The purpose of animmigration evaluation in asylum cases is to collect information about thismistreatment and to examine the psychological impact that these circumstanceshave had on the immigrant. It is most common that the individual has developedpsychological problems as a result of the abuse, such as Post-Traumatic StressDisorders (PTSD), severe anxiety, and/or depression.

·       ExtremeHardship

o  The purpose of thepsychological evaluation is to assess and explain the hardships that all therelevant family members would face if the waiver were not granted. Theprofessional opinion rendered in a psychological evaluation greatly strengthensthe case.

·       VAWA(Violence Against Women Act

o  The most important goal of VAWA is to allow you, as the victim, to sever dependency on your abusive spouse by allowing you to file for permanent residency, without your spouse’s consent, help, support or participation of any kind. In these cases, it is important for the therapist to evaluate the scope and nature of the abuse and the emotional impact that the abuse has had on you. In the safety of the evaluation process, you can talk about the painful ordeal and its adverse impact on your life and your emotional wellbeing. This process can also be empowering and aid in the healing process.

·       U visas

o  U Visa gives legal status to immigrants, including undocumented immigrants, who have been victims of serious crimes in the United States. Such crimes including, but are not limited to, sexual abuse, domestic violence, involuntary servitude, sexual exploitation, kidnapping, trafficking, and rape. With a U Visa, the immigrant may stay and work in the U.S. for up to four years. After three years, however, a victim with a U visa may apply for a green card. The goal of the psychological evaluation is to assess the extent of serious physical, mental, or emotional consequences of the experience. An applicant for a U Visa has to be willing to assist the police and/or District Attorney’s Office in the investigation and/or with the prosecution of the criminal.

·       Naturalization waivers or N-648

o  These cases help those individuals who qualify for an exemption (N-648) from the English language and US Civics requirements for US Naturalization if there is a presence of a "physical, developmental or mental impairment”.

Disability Evaluations

Offering answers, accurate diagnosis, and help to confirm medical illnesses for clients filing for short-term and long-term disability as well as immigration.

Cognitive Rehabilitation Program

Cognitive Rehabilitation Program

Memory and Attention Adaptation Training (MAAT)
A cognitive-behavioral therapy-based treatment that helps cancer survivors develop a better sense of self and help lessen the psychological and memory-impaired impacts of cancer-related treatment. Designed with an 8-session based outline, MAAT can be administered through telehealth technology and are provided with a workbook to track their progress and coping skills.

Medication Management

For many psychiatric conditions, research supports the need for medication combined with therapy or counseling. A Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner can prescribe medication to help with anything from ADHD, Anxiety or Depression among others. Medication management is a vital part of this equation, as not all medications will be received or tolerated by patients in the same way.

Vita-Cog Community Health is invested in your well-being. 

It doesn't matter who you are, what age you are, where you started, or where you are going. There is always an opportunity for change. Mental Health does not discriminate, and it can feel hard to see a way out. Whether you are experiencing depression, anxiety, relationship/ chronic health issues, or recovering from generational trauma, our team is waiting for your call to lead you back home towards a great version of you. THERE IS NO BETTER TIME THAN THE PRESENT.


We take the following insurances:
Aetna, Avmed, Blue Cross, Cigna, Evernorth, Humana, Lucet, Magellan, Medicare, Oscar, Optum, Oxford, and United Health

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